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Massapequa Library

Massapequa Library, 40 Harbor Ln., Massapequa, NY


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Evan Gottfried’s Family Music Extravaganza is a wonderful show for all ages! We had Evan and his lovely wife perform for our summer reading wrap-up party on the village lawn on a sunny 90 degree day.   Evan had the crowd rocking with maracas, twisting to his tunes and popping bubbles.  Every child and parent in attendance were on their feet dancing, an impressive feat considering the warm temperature and a true testimonial to just how great a show it was.   Evan will definitely be invited back!

Ashley Sweeting, Head of Children's Services, Bayville Library


When Evan and his helpers arrived you can feel their love of music in all aspects of the program when they performed at the Great Neck Library on Monday, April 25, 2016.  This is not the first time that we have invited Evan to perform at our library system and he continues to illustrate a unique ability to successfully integrate music, acting and fun in to his show. 

The program had the children and caregivers up for most of the 45 minute program.  The original songs are infectious and keep everyone moving and participating with the various props that are integrated throughout the show.   Staff and public were entertained from the first song to the last

Deidre Goode, Department Head, Children's Services, Great Neck Library

Evan performed at our library recently and was a pleasure to work with! He put on a great performance and was very interactive with the audience using a variety of props and musical instruments. Both the kids and the adults had fun and we look forward to having Evan back again!
Katie McIntyre, Head of Children's Services, Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library
Evan Gottfried's Family Music Extravanganza was a wonderful, energetic program to bring to the library during the summer.  Children loved using the props, popping tons of bubbles, learning Evan's songs and dancing to all the fun beats!  Parents were thrilled with the performance and the children left with smiles on their faces.  We look forward to working with Evan again in the future!  
Colleen Navins, Smithtown Library Nesconset Branch                                                                                     
My family and I attended a show at our local library where Evan was performing. I was so impressed by his ability to connect with our children, and every child (and adult!) in the room. However, what really stood out was how he remembered my children's names! There must've been about twenty five kids and he made us feel like we were the only ones in the room and my daughter, who is usually so shy, was engaged with what was going on. She was raising her hand and answering questions, dancing and singing along with the group. It really meant so much to us... But I honestly think that Evan wasn't even trying! It's just second nature. Upon leaving, he gave us his cd - my husband and I were so excited to put it on for our kiddos. On a long ride to PA, it was a lifesaver! It was enjoyable music and something perfect for adults, too. I just wonder, how on earth he comes up with these lyrics! This is a gift and we are happy to be receivers of such melodies and now we can't take any trips without Evan's music in tow!
Anna Z., Walden, NY                  
We had a backyard birthday party with about 50 kids ranging in age from 1 to 9 and Evan Gottfried (and Maggie) completely made the party! They were professional, flexible, did not take themselves seriously, and were completely engaged and seemed genuinely happy to be there. They had a professional sound system and even did a sound check which was impressive. It was a very energetic and happy performance. Once the music started, the kids were on their feet and moving around. They loved playing with the parachute and giant bouncy ball. But the hands down runaway favorite was the industrial strength bubble machine that cranked out a constant stream of thousands of bubbles for a good ten minutes. This was accompanied by a frenetic song that had all the kids dancing around like crazy in a giant bubble cloud. All the kids, and the adults, were captivated. Everyone told me how great the show was and how much fun their kids had. I am truly grateful because my kids enjoyed their birthday party SO much!
Elisabeth H., Stamford, CT
We had Evan Gottfried and his wife Maggie come to my house for my son’s 2nd birthday party.  We had kids with a wide range of ages, from less than 1 year to 13 years old.  Evan’s show was AMAZING and ALL of the kids and adults had a great time and were entertained.  He used a lot of fun and different props and the entire show was high energy.  Another highlight was a puppet craft that the kids did, with the materials and setup/cleanup provided by them for a small additional fee. Evan and Maggie were very warm, friendly and flexible which made it a joy to work with them!  This was definitely the highlight of the party and I would absolutely recommend him for ANY children’s event.
Carrie K., Saugerties, NY      
We recently had Evan Gottfried and his Family Music show at the Hamden Public Library in Hamden, CT. The show had high energy and was engaging and interactive.  We had a big crowd and Evan was able to keep all the children moving and entertained. There was plenty of opportunity for the kids to participate with many props including shakers, ribbon sticks, a parachute and bubbles! Evan's music is right on target for this audience with topics that make everyday things like walking or rolling down a hill seem new and magical. He is a talented singer/songwriter and I highly recommend his show.

Nancy McLaughlin, Head of Children's Services, Hamden Public Library

Evan Gottfried's Family Music Extravaganza was so well received by our families that we have had him back and plan to do so again! The performance of energetic and fun songs had kids and parents up on their feet and dancing. The props and instruments made this performance into a totally interactive experience that parents were raving about for weeks. This is a highly recommended family program for all ages.                     Tara Kohles, Children’s Services, Brentwood Public Library

Evan Gottfried's high energy performance got everyone up and dancing. His upbeat lyrics and acoustic guitar honor kids' natural intelligence. Every performance includes multiple hands on opportunities; in particular we loved the bubble finale! Highly recommended for families with young children.
Enola Romano, Montclair Library, Bellevue Ave. Branch                                      
We were at a birthday party last March and loved Evan's performance! We knew when picking entertainment for our son's recent birthday party it was a no brainer! Evan is amazing with the kids & loved by all. Thank you Evan for being so kind and patient with the children!
Melissa P, Elmsford, NY          
Evan's musical performance was great! It was fun, interactive and engaging for both the kids and their parents. Highly recommended.
Sandra Bartell, Hamden Community Branch Library
Evan Gottfried's music delighted all who were in attendance at the Josephine-Louise Public Library! His program helped kick off our Summer Reading activities with interactive and entertaining music for little ones. Evan's music is not only aimed at the younger set; he is able to have the rest of the audience up and on their feet, dancing and enjoying his music as well! Mr. Gottfried is a local musician, clearly enjoys his work and is a perfect program for libraries!
Ginny Neidermier, Director, Josephine-Louise Public Library, Walden, NY
It was wonderful working with Evan to help entertain the children at my daughter's recent first birthday party.  He was easy to communicate and plan with and he was flexible both in his timing and his approach with the kids. We had a group of children with ages ranging from 1 to 10 and all of them were happily engaged in the movement piece which accompanies Evan's music!  I was so pleasantly surprised.  Evan brought with him tons of props and even a speaker so it was easy to take advantage of a beautiful day and hold our session outdoors.  The kids (and adults) enjoyed it tremendously.  His music is unique and catchy....not the usual nursery rhymes which the kids already know and have heard time and time again - a big plus in my book.  I highly recommend Evan as a party entertainer!
Minisha S., Woodstock, NY                      
The children really had a wonderful time dancing along to your music! It was a great show! 
Victoria Shimmons, Youth Services Librarian, Farmingdale Public Library, NY                                                                                                                
Evan interacts well with the kids, and keeps them entertained.  It was a great way for us to kick off our Summer Reading Program.  Everyone was moving, shaking, dancing, and having a blast!
Lynn Zaffino, Children's/Teen Librarian, Easton Public Library, CT  
Evan performed at our preschool summer reading kickoff -- he was great! The show was highly interactive and kept the large group engaged.
Sarah Morgan, Children's Librarian, Farmington Library in CT  
Our students were so fortunate participate in Evan's musical, fun-filled assembly at our school. They especially enjoyed the movement activities that combined songs, instruments and bubbles!  Evan had a great way of fully engaging all of the students.  We look forward to his return!
Sandra Brownsey ~ Program Coordinator
Center for Spectrum Services in Ellenville, NY                                                                       
Evan Gottfried is a wonderful performer with whom the Maywood Library has worked.  He completely engages children of all ages with his lively music and colorful props.  Evan Gottfried is someone I highly recommend!
Jenna Lee Columbia, Children's Librarian, Maywood Public Library in NJ
Evan Gottfried's recent performance for little ones at the Montclair Public Library was greatly enjoyed by families. Evan's show was a fun mix of original songs that were spot-on for young children - including babies and toddlers. Evan's own family were on hand with props and shakers that made for a dynamic, animated, and thoughtful show. A recommended troubadour for family programs.
Deivis Garcia, Youth Services, Montclair Public Library in NJ

The kids and adults had a blast and enjoyed dancing  to every song.  As a parent and pediatric physical therapist, I truly appreciate how you incorporate movement with music during your performances!  The kids loved the different props while becoming engaged and truly enjoyed the experience!  Thank you Evan!

Megan in Poughkeepsie, NY

Approximately 200 Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students at the Catskill Elementary School enjoyed a lively and interactive show with Evan Gottfried! Evan was so accommodating and agreed to perform two separate shows so that our Pre-K morning and afternoon students could all participate in this fun and age appropriate event at school. The children loved the props (shakers and rainbow wands) that they were given to use during the performance. As a teacher, I was excited to witness our young students quickly pick up the sign language that you and Maggie taught the children so they could participate in the song with you. The anticipation and excitement only grew when Evan told the children that he had brought along one of his pets to meet them. What a surprise when you pulled your pet slug out. I know we all learned a few facts about slugs from you as well! To end the show, Evan had all the children smiling as they were reaching for bubbles from his big bubble machine and danced to the last song. It is a big job to keep nearly 100 little ones focused and engaged and Evan did a great job of this during both his performances at our school. Maggie was also a wonderful help in making sure that all of the students had the props and were having a great time. Thank you for a wonderful day at our school and we look forward to having you back in the near future!

Amy Bulich                                              

Catskill Elementary Pre-K Teacher

Nothing but Smiles!

I booked Evan for my daughter's first birthday party. My daughter is usually a little wary of strangers so I didn't think that a clown or magician would be a good option to go, but every time that she hears music, she shakes her little booty! From the moment that Evan started, my daughter was front and center, dancing and playing away. Evan had little props for the kids to use and she was able to join in in all the fun! We had kids from as little as 7 months to 10 years old. They all loved the show, especially the bubbles!!!

At first some of the adults weren't sure that they would like the kids music, but almost everyone at the party approached me afterwards asking for his information. He was very easy to work with and kept in communication so I knew when to expect him and if I needed to prep an area in advance. I have and will be recommending him to everyone I know.

I know I will definitely be using him in the future!! He made my daughter's birthday special for our whole family and I will cherish those memories!

Kristy S. in Carmel, NY

We have had Evan Gottfried perform at the Newburgh Free Library on several occasions. His original music is creative, age-appropriate and singable; he has demonstrated both flexibility and adaptability to ages of the attending audience; and overall his performance is highly inclusive, interactive and engaging for young audience members and their families.

Lisa Kochik, Children's Librarian & Head of Youth Services, Newburgh Free Library

Evan was great! The children had so much fun singing and dancing around the room with he and his lovely wife. Evan was in constant communication with me from the very first day that I reached out to him until a few hours before the event. He allowed them to be a part of every song that he performed by giving out different props which I particularly enjoyed. If you're looking for someone to bring quality, family fun for children ages 0-7years, he's your guy!

Fabianna L. in Suffern, NY

Evan put on incredible shows at our two libraries.  Not only is he a great musician, he was able to engage even the most reluctant audience members, successfully encouraging them to join the fun during his many delightful and interactive songs.  By seeing two shows in the same day, I saw how skillfully Evan is able to adapt each individual show to the audience, to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.  Evan is an awesome performer who we can't wait to have back again!

Jesse O'Dunne, Youth Services Librarian, Catskill Public Library

Dear Evan,

We all wanted to thank you so much for performing here on October 25. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and resulted in everyone getting up and moving. The props are terrific, your songs are wonderful and totally interactive, and we loved seeing all those smiles on the faces of our little one and their parents. We can’t wait to welcome you back to Elmont again soon!
    Kathy Guidal
    Children’s Services, Elmont Public Library, NY

Evan performed at my daughter’s birthday party and it was truly a memorable experience! There were kids ranging in age from 1 to 10 and Evan had everyone (even the grown-ups) singing, dancing and having a blast!  He engaged everyone with his creative lyrics, fun props and interactive songs.   Evan is a talented musician, wonderful entertainer and extremely professional to work with.  I would highly recommend him for a children’s (any age) party or event.

        Rachel B. in Hurley, NY


My two sons and I have attended multiple performances by Evan Gottfried and we enjoy each one so much! He adds awesome elements of fun and a little surprise in each one to help make the children feel like they are all a part of his wonderful music. Whether it be digging with a tiny shovel, waving beautiful rainbow ribbon wands or feeding a surprise guest puppet, Evan humbly yet actively engages children of all ages and abilities to participate in his musical extravanza. The songs are so meaningful and catchy to all kids. The spirit and true meaning of childhood resonates through his songs. Evan brought love and playfulness in a time of grieving and shock in our small and loving community dealing with great sorrow and trauma. He contributed to the healing process, in our time of tragedy, by demonstrating that there are countless wonderful, caring and good people in this world. We love Evan's music!

       Fran W. in Newtown,CT

Evan came to our home to entertain our children’s double birthday party, ages 5 and 3. He was a huge, huge hit, very interactive and entertaining and he literally got every child on his or her feet dancing—even the older siblings! He was very easy to work with when planning the party. I highly recommend him for any children’s event.

     Yishane L. in Ridgewood, NJ


Evan Gottfried has a great sense of encouraging children of all abilities to have fun through the power of music, puppets, toys, and jokes.

I am Stacey Orzell--Proud Parent of a child with Autism. Eric is Ausome and almost 7 years old. He has a big brother, Jason who is almost 10. Our family had the pleasure of enjoying Evan Gottfried's Musical show at the Autism Move A Thon in 2011. We enjoyed meeting Evan after his performance, he autographed our CD.I asked if he is available for school assemblies.  He replied yes and he also enjoys performing at birthday parties.Evan Gottfried is a fun and fabulous performer!  Evan's shows are very family friendly and interactive. His helpers hand out musical toys to children for the various songs he sings. I still have my red shovel that my son and I used for his “Dig” song.The children can not get enough BUBBLES during the encore with the bubble machine. Evan's songs are all original and even his website is a fun place to visit with live music clips. I was a volunteer parent, in 2011 at the Center for Spectrum Services and brought his show to the children for a Spring assembly and they loved it! When an opportunity arises, I am always proud to recommend Evan Gottfried to families, teachers, and event planners. Thank you Evan for offering good times!

Stacey Orzell-Proud Parent/Photographer/Parents Run AMOC Volunteer,

Goshen, NY