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Massapequa Library

Massapequa Library, 40 Harbor Ln., Massapequa, NY


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I believe that children are not just mini adults-in-training, but rather fully formed souls that are generally much more in touch with their true, creative selves than most grownups. It is my goal to connect with children through my lyrics, music, and performances. When writing my songs, I don't "dumb down," but rather I try to write songs that I myself would want to listen to as a parent, and that I would want my kids to listen to. I want kids and adults to absorb and learn the core messages of my songs--which often boil down to love for each other, for oneself, and for our planet. And I also place a lot of value on being silly. Us grownups often take ourselves far too seriously, and increasingly so do our children. I want to remind kids to be kids, and to remind grownups that they are still kids at heart.

There is a lot of power in music, and I am always amazed at how it can forge connections. I work with students with severe disabilities, and I have done several shows for children with autism, and their love for and connection with music transcends any difference in "ability."

When doing a performance I strive to keep kids really engaged, with my songs, props, puppets, bubbles--even though I may never have met these children before and may never see them again, I appreciate the joy that they are, and I aim to give them a truly special experience. They may not remember this one hour of their life five or ten or thirty years later, but I know that I have brought my best and seen their best, and that these moments mattered because we shared that connection. And although they may not remember the details, I hope to make an impression that gets carried along throughout their lives, and which guides them towards more positive and life-affirming experiences.