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Let's Plan on Being More Spontaneous

I was driving my three-year-old to dance class, expecting a game of 20 Questions or a round of back-and-forth jokes, such as “Why did the elephant go to the doctor?...Because he was sick!” But then Zamirah suddenly burst into an original song, “Rockstar Birthday Tomorrow.” The chorus repeats the line, “What’s with my rockstar birthday tomorrow?” several times. There is even a sort of hip hop-ish bridge which goes, “When can I eat my cake? When can I eat my cake? When can I eat my cake? When can I eat my cake?” The song was probably about 5 or 6 minutes and I'm so glad I thought to record it only a couple of minutes in.

Do you often belt out random made-up songs? It’s something I think of as being associated with musicals, but of course those "spontaneous" songs are intricately scripted. As a singer, though, I do sometimes indulge in this (though generally only while alone in my car), and it’s about as much fun as you can have with no gadgets or gizmos to entertain you.

Zamirah knows how to be spontaneous and creative. If you have a small child, I bet he or she knows the same thing. But eventually we forget. Thank you, Zamirah, for reminding me that I am not a robot, and that I can burst into song whenever the whim strikes.



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