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Kids Sure Have a Lot to Teach Us Grown-Ups

Hi, and welcome to the first edition of my blog. I am very glad that you made it here. I am very glad that I made it here as well. I am excited to have a space to share my thoughts about music, kids, creativity, life, the human experience, and really, whatever I feel like sharing. 

While thinking about how I initially got here, and by this I mean the pre-creation of my album, three moments will probably always stand out in my memory:

1) I remember being a teenager once upon a time and having the thought that one day I will make an album.

2) I also remember the moment, in early 2010, that I was inspired to make an album for kids, knowing that this was definitely something I wanted to do, could do, and would do.

3) And I'll always remember the time that the song "Reach Up" came to me, while driving to Rhode Island with a minivan full of sleeping passengers, a couple of months after the previous moment.

It amazes me that these little, could-have-been-insignificant moments could blossom into the reality of receiving a few boxes full of my completed album. Of course there was a lot of work in between, but it was rarely something I thought of as "work."

Sometimes I'll hear someone say that he or she is not creative. But it's in our very nature to be creative; it's just that some people exercise it and follow through with it more than others. Kids don't hesitate when they have a creative impulse--it would never occur to them to even question it. But at some point most of us start to worry about what other people will think, or perhaps we worry that we'll fail entirely. Too much attention is placed on the final product. But if we are truly present and absorbed in the moment of creation (whether it's a cucumber salad or a haiku or a ridiculous dance move), then chances are that beautiful moment of immersion is going to make any potential negative reactions seem like what they are--just somebody else's opinion, the importance of which is highly questionable.

Perhaps school should be run by kids, and grown-ups should be the students (although this sounds like the premise for a terrible TV show), because it seems that kids have a lot to teach us. Letting creativity flow is just the tip of the iceberg.

To briefly elaborate: Ultimately, I think we're all here to...

A) Learn

B) Teach

C) Connect (with each other, ourselves, the universe around us, etc.)

D) Have Fun!

Kids seem to be particularly good at doing all of these things. But it doesn't really matter how old we are. If, at any moment, we're not doing any (or all!) of these things, then what are we doing?

I am grateful that I was inspired to write and record a collection of songs that I am proud to sing, and proud for you to hear. Thank you to anyone who has ever taught me, learned from me, or with whom I have shared a connection. If I haven't met you yet, I hope you connect with the music.


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From Tracey | On March 03, 2014 @12:55 pm
Thanks for sharing this arlicte, Wayne. It reminds me of being a scared, confused gay kid in high school, being taunted and bullied for no reason other than I was different. Recently, on Facebook, I was asked to join a group for my graduating class and get reconnected to people I hadn't thought of in 30 years. So I joined. Some very tender emotions welled up and some of the fears I faced back then came to the surface in a hurry. I could've stayed in my comfort zone and refused to get involved, but I chose otherwise. Taking this path forced me to reach out to a few and start some dialogue. Is everything better because of it? No. It's hard to erase what happened that was so hurtful it still impacts me today. Yet, I have learned that as I've grown and matured all these years, so have the others. And life has softened us and helped us see things differently. Back to the story: I admire this woman's courage and the support her family gave her during that horrible time in school. Hopefully healing comes through all of this for her. She's a wonderful example of perserverence and forgivness.
From Fran | On August 16, 2011 @11:19 pm
OK- I've said it once and I'll say it again- We are obsessed with your music Evan! The lyrics conjure up memories of childhood and certainly apply to my son's growth, imagination and development. He keeps on asking me to turn the music up in the car and I gladly comply. Makeshift Spaceship brings back great memories of large cardboard box creations:) The ending of Reach Up is awesome for kids to hear over and over! I Get a Little is just brilliant for feelings development- we can't hear this song enough in my house. It's Time to Dig makes us just want to run outside or go to the beach and get our shovels going:) See Yourself is so empowering for all kids- I just envision my children who were in wheelchairs riding adaptive bikes when I hear this song. Everything Changes will always make me think of my son losing his first tooth and then explaining to the Dr. today that the Dr. will keep all of his teeth since they are grown-up teeth! EVERY song is wonderful and we love them and thank you for sharing your creativity! This first post of yours was inspirational and true!

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