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I recently had a very proud, somewhat awe-inspiring moment with Zamirah. She had gotten a couple of small balls and announced that she was going to juggle them. I do not juggle, but I had given a half-hearted attempt at it at some point in ancient history, and when she had trouble I suggested she start with just one, and toss it up from one hand to the other. Well, Zamirah has never really worked on catching one-handed, so she stuck with two-handed catching. But she tossed it up a few times and was unsuccessful. Then she had an epiphany and with a big smile she said, "I know why I'm not catching it! Because I'm not thinking that I can do it in my head!" I was pretty floored to hear such a truth come out of my five-year-old's mouth. This is something that I address in one of my songs, and perhaps a couple of times I've also suggested to her to "see yourself doing it" when she found something challenging. But I had by no means drilled this sort of thing into her. And after that, she did make a few catches.

I think many of us could stand to have a little more of this kind of confidence when trying something challenging. I know I am a lot more likely to succeed at something when I believe in myself. So, thank you, Zamirah, for reminding me.


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From Rittah | On March 03, 2014 @08:26 am
Your article was exllceent and erudite.
From teri | On September 03, 2013 @01:20 am
this made me smile
From Heather | On September 02, 2013 @11:39 pm
Very true. Keep sharing your wisdom both of you

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